Steamboat, continued

Day 3: Wandering around downtown, exploring a gorgeous road up a mountain, pedicures for the ladies, and Fish Creek Falls. We had to pack in a lot on our last day!

Grey rode the fake horse on mainstreet and thought it was a blast.

On our drive, we happened upon an overlook towards the ski mountain.

There are wildflowers everywhere. So beautiful!

These photos don't do justice to Fish Creek. They have had so much rain that is was overflowing! It was so loud we couldn't hardly hear each other. I held on TIGHTLY to Grey.

The end....

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Nataluscious said...

Beautiful pics! So we are headed up there tomorrow through the holiday weekend and I was thinking a family-friendly hike would be fun! Is Fish Creek Falls a good hike? We've been up there before and love all the stuff to do, but I'm not as familiar with the hiking in that area - especially with little kids. So if you have any suggestions let me know :).
BTW - how's the pregnancy coming along?