My hero

Jared competed in an olympic-distance (1.5 K swim, 40 K bike, 10 K run) triathlon Sunday. He was incredible! Months and months of tough training all leading up to yesterday.

We got there early so we could wish him luck before the start. Hot air balloons were taking off and Grey LOVED them!

I felt so huge being 9 months pregnant next to so many ripped people
(including my sexy hubby--look at him!)

Coming out from the swim

Almost finished... It was so hot & muggy
I am SO proud of you, lover!


Mandi said...

Wow. Truly amazing. Congrats Jared! Can't wait to meet this new baby!!!

Tobi said...

That takes a lot of dedication! Go Jared go!!

I think you look great by the way. I'm sure I never looked that awesome when I was nine months pregnant.

Charitons said...

Good job Jared! I am trying to get the guts up to do an Olympic distance. I am impressed!

Jason and Heather said...

Jared, you rock. Seriously, so awesome.