I came across this photo and it has become a little treasure of mine. It is a photo of my beautiful grandmother in 1953 with her first brand new baby - my mother.
I like to imagine my dear grandmother as a new mother and a fairly new wife. In this photo she is in a similar point in life I am in now, yet dealing with such different things. My grandfather was in the military, stationed in Alabama and worried that he would be sent to war. She was alone the first little bit of my mother's life.

This photo reminds me of the process of life and the paths that we each travel. I think of the years in between this photo and today. I think of the experiences she has had that have shaped her into such an amazing woman.  There is a lot of meaning behind this one little photo. It gives me hope of the woman I can someday become.

What are your little treasures?


carrie said...

What a great post.

Jensen Family said...

What a great picture to have! My mom has a picture kind of like that of her mom as a baby and her grandmother! I love old pictures and reflecting on their lives!