Happy Valentine's Day to you! I know this holiday is cheesy and completely fabricated, but I still love it. I enjoy focusing on the people I love the most and spending time spoiling my hubby!

Oh and I love that everything is RED!

Jared gave me the most wonderful gift last night--4 hours alone with him! The whole thing was a complete surprise every step of the way. He makes it so much fun. The night began with yummy Italian at Carmines... then he took me to see LOVE presented by the Ballet Nouveau.
The show was incredible. It is essentially classical ballet with a modern twist--set to poetry and music. The three things combined created such powerful emotions. I am still going over it in my mind today.

Have a happy LOVE day!


Tippettsfam said...

oh that ballet sounds amazing! tell jared to let joe in on his surprise date ideas next time... :)

Tobi said...

What a wonderful husband you have!! I'm glad you had such an amazing Valentines day.