I took Grey to the Stock Show because he loves farms, tractors and animals. I ended up wandering all over the place completely lost. No one there could help me find anything... or I was just dumb! Either way... we did get to see lots of animals and Grey definitely had a blast! I was a little in shock myself at how huge some of the animals are.
Jared & I secretly want to live on a ranch (or at least visit one...). I love the idea of being completely self-sustaining and all natural. Plus I love riding horses!

Oh and I fell in love with these adorable, snuggling piglets.


Mandi said...

Oh, I LOVE those piglets. So cute. Glad you had fun, I SO wish I was there to go, my girls would have loved it!

Pammerscush said...

Oh, I am so sad that we couldn't go! I WILL make it to the stock show one of these years!! Glad you had a good time!