Potty Training Diaries - Day 2

A trip to the library for more potty books and movies

A little begging and pleading from my end

Two stickers on the potty chart

Which means two jelly beans also

I think this is progress

Is there a book on how to respond when your child will not sit, but only stand and shoot pee all up the wall behind the toilet? A little dribble actually made it into the toilet. Sticker? No sticker?


Amy said...

I'm not sure of any books that help but when Blake started to insist on standing instead of sitting I put a cheerio in the toilet and had him hit it with his pee. It helped a lot. Good luck!

Veda said...

The first weeks seems to always suck! It does eventually happen!

Tobi said...

I agree with Amy. Put a cheerio in the toliet to give him something to aim at.

I would give him a sticker for trying. At least he made it to the potty even if he didn't get very much pee into it.

Jenn said...

Hey--I say if it isn't in his pants he gets a sticker for effort. I haven't done the boy thing yet, but after two girls I still say that close counts!

Arianne Pearce said...

Put the toilet seat up and put a sticker on the top of the inside of the toilet seat. Have him lean over and put his hands on the sticker and then he will just shoot the pee right in the water! Worked for my boys!