It is in the Little Things...

Becoming a mother has given me a different perspective on gratitude. I have been thinking lately about the little things throughout the day that make me happy such as:

Little moments of silence

Sleeping past 7AM

Long, heart-pumping, sweaty exercise

Front row parking at Sam's Club

Any kind of alone time with Jared - library runs, dinner, lounging...

Taking a shower AND shaving my legs

Running errands all by myself!

NAPS (mine and Grey's)

Looking down at my toes and actually having polish on them

Morning snuggles with Grey & Jared

Chocolate--come on, I can't leave that one off.. It does lift me every so often!

In all sincerity--I feel very blessed in my life. Every so often I reflect on my life and wonder how I got here and how grateful I feel. 

I am especially thankful for:

--my little family that is just beginning
--Jared - he gets his own line for being such a wonderful, loving, and thoughtful husband. How was I smart enough at 22 to say yes and marry him?!!
--extended family--parents, step-parents, cousins, grandparents, in-laws (could I really be so lucky?)
--My sissy P! I have no idea what I would do without her. We spend hours and hours talking about anything and everything. Plus she can always make me laugh!
--so many wonderful friends that have been in my life for years or for a short time. Each one is so very important to me.
--our amazing country with freedoms and every opportunity available.
--Most importantly, having the gospel of Jesus Christ in my life. It brings me so much joy, hope and understanding.
Happy Thanksgiving! What are you thankful for?


carrie said...

happy turkey day!!! i'm graetful for what a great friend you are!

Mandi said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Are we gonna see you guys this weekend? We would love to!

Mandi said...

Hey! We were just talking about you guys today, Don and Karen were here. We were gonna try and call Dave tomorrow. Anyway, we are going shopping bright and early (actually, it's not bright yet at 4 am)then we will just be hanging out. You guys? I know Saturday is busy for me...I'll be doing hair all day, so tomorrow evening or Sunday maybe (if you dare brave the crowds)? Let me know! Do you have my number?

Veda said...

This is a great list! Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!