What's in Your Oven?

I noticed Grey lingering around the oven this evening and he had that "I might be in trouble" look. So I thought I should do some investigating. I opened the drawer under the oven and found a wide assortment of things that Grey has apparently been collecting. I found:

1. shredded up (possibly chewed up) toilet paper
2. cars and trucks
3. tons of crumbs from who knows what!
4. a shirt I have been missing for weeks
5. a bottle of old, curdled milk

Why in the world would he think that is an appropriate place to put things? It is no wonder we had mice last year. I guess I need to be checking random places more frequently.


Nataluscious said...

Alas, some things are beyond understanding. Like why, a few weeks ago, K1 SPIT (not spilled, SPIT) his chocolate milk all over every surface of the basement. And he's 5. And should know WAY better. Why? It's a mystery. At least in Greyden's treasure chest he squired away a piece of you! :)

carrie said...

hilarious. i love it.

Jason and Heather said...

Oh cute pint sized Grey! That's funny! :)

Amanda said...

What a nut! Funny!