Labor Day Weekend

I am a little late getting this up, but our weekend was so much fun because Heather & Jason came out to visit us FINALLY! They have not been able to get on a flight out to Denver for way too long. Poor Heather & Jason were probably exhausted. We took them all over the place! Saturday started with an 8-mile run (just Heather & I). Heather kept saying she wanted to go on my training run with me... So we did it! And it really helped to have her.

When we walked in the door, we hurried out to Cherry Creek to play at the lake and let Jared swim again. Then we came back and all napped while Grey napped. Oh how I love nap time!!! After that we checked out SNIAGRAB at the big sports authority and wandered around the Taste of Colorado. It was a crazy-filled Saturday. Come back soon Aunt P & Uncle Joey!!! Love you guys!
Some photos for your enjoyment---


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yeah! its much better,

carrie said...

jared is such the muscle man - nice jared!