Last Weekend

I am a little slow at keeping up the blog this week. I have been transferring my stuff from my old PC to my new MacBook. Wahoo!!! Last Friday night we had a family date at the Kohls sale and then Sweet Tomatoes for dinner. I was a little worried about Grey. He has a really hard time sitting still. But he had a blast trying all the foods and of course topping it off with a mini ice cream cone.Then on Saturday my friend (Julie) from high school came to town. We scrambled and got a little group together for dinner. It was a blast to see Kathy, Jen, Julie and Kaylee and catch up on all the crazy happenings in our lives. We sure missed the rest of the group though. Love you girls!!!


Jennifer said...

YAY, that was so much fun! I can't wait until we can do it again. By the way, can I have a copy of that picture?

Jason and Heather said...

A bit of a cheesy smile for G!!! I LOVE HIM and his mini ice cream cones! :)