Weekend Sunshine

Saturday we spent the morning at Cherry Creek Reservoir. Jared is training for his first triathlon. (YAY!!!) We went so he could test out his wetsuit in the open water. I am so proud of him. He sets these goals (like running the NYC marathon) and sticks to them so perfectly.

Anyways... Grey and I had a blast playing in the sand, reading and pretending like we were on a real beach. One more month and we will be!


carrie said...

what? 1 more month and you will be at a beach? what beach?

love the pictures of G.

TippettsFam said...

go jared!!! LOVE the pics!

Amanda said...

Love the last shot of G!

I want to know what beach too...do share

Christina said...

Aaaahhh... We will be going to Miami at the end of September. There will surely be tons of pictures!!!

Tara said...

Can't wait to play at the real beach with you ;)