Sleepy in Barcelona

All I have to say is thank goodness for a sister that works for the airlines!!! She & I got to Barcelona a few hours ago and it is so exciting. We will be here for two days and then go on our Mediterranean cruise. The flight over was so much fun & we got so spoiled. We got first class the whole way here. I´m not sure what was most exciting about it.... the five course dinner topped off with an ice cream sundae, the seats that go almost flat, the personal tv´s with tons of free movies, tv shows and games, the huge pillows and down comforters. Let´s just say it was fun and I ended up not being able to sleep for very long because there was too much to do.
We just woke up from a quick nap at our hostel and now we are heading off to explore the city. I wish I could get pictures loaded, but that will have to wait a week.


carrie said...


this is not starting off well for me. if i'm jealous of your plane ride - how am I going to feel about the cruise portion of your trip?

enjoy!!!!! you deserve it!

Amanda said...

I'm with Carrie. I'm oozing jealousy right now. Live it up for all of us!!! Can't wait to see the pics.

Chef TinaMarie said...

Thanx for the link on your blog!

Hope you have a great time on your adventure. Cruising is the best! My partner and I went on our first one this past summer to the Bahamas. By far it has been our favorite vacation yet!
Enjoy! :)~

Anonymous said...

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STEPH(roc)K said...

Sounds amazing!!! I get to come next time I decided!!!