In honor of 5 years!

Today is our 5 year anniversary... and yes we are both sitting on our computers. So sad! We celebrated last weekend, so we are just relaxing today. Doing some yard work, eating out and probably watching some Alias. I cannot believe it has been five years already. I am so lucky that Jared & I found each other. He is my absolute FAVORITE and I love him so much!

What is his name? Jared aka ROD

How long have you been together? FIVE YEARS!!! Wow how time flies.How did you meet? No good story here. I was running out of money in SLC, so I put my things in storage and temporarily moved out to Denver to save up. I met Jared the first week at the singles ward. I guess those are worth something. We fell in love and were married in three months. Needless to say I had to go get my stuff out of storage in Utah and my plans changed a little.
How long did you date? From the day we met to the day we got married... 3 months! Yes that is embarrassing to admit.

How old is he? He is 32

Who eats more? Hard to say. We eat different foods, but probably similar portions. I love to eat!Who said I love you first? We went up skiing for a weekend and on the first day he said, "I think I'm falling for you." By the end of the weekend he was smitten. I'm sure I said it around the same time. We only had three months so we had to move quickly!!!

Who is taller? Jared is. He is my perfect height. Makes me feel cute & little even though I'm not very short.

Who sings better? Jared won't admit he has a good voice, but I love it. I was in HS choir, but that doesn't mean anything.

Who is smarter? Jared is definitely smarter with numbers and business. I'm more creative. We're a good match.

Whose temper is worse? I would have said my temper was worse pre-Grey, but Jared wins this one now. But come once a month, steer clear of the crazy lady.

Who does the laundry? ME! Jared does help out if I ask him to. I really wish he would iron though. I hate ironing & he claims that he just can't do it.

Who does the dishes? Both. I tell Jared that he has to do dishes if I make dinner. Sometimes it works.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Me

Who pays the bills? Jared
Who mows the lawn? Neither. We pay someone to come mow. Yardwork is not our specialty. Jared says he is going to get a lawn mower this year and do it himself...

Who cooks dinner? I always cook dinner. Jared can make some mean nachos and spicy pasta.

Who drives when you are together? Depends on which car we take.

Who is more stubborn? We both are really stubborn.

Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? That is a tough one... Neither? There is nothing worse for me than to admit I'm wrong.Whose parents do you see the most? Luckily we see both fairly frequently. Almost all our families are here.

Who kissed who first? Jared kissed me while we were watching "A Big Fat Greek Wedding."

Who asked who out? Technically Jared officially asked me out first. But when I overheard that he got a new dog that day, I made my move and told him I wanted to see his dog. The rest is history.

Who proposed? Jared proposed on our third date I think. He never formally proposed, just kept telling me he wanted to marry me. I even got a text message at some point asking me to marry him.

What is your favorite memory of this person? Too many to count. I especially love all our trips together. We travel well together and can really relax. I love hiking together, eating out, going to plays. I just like being together whatever it is.

Who is more sensitive? I am, but Jared definitely has a sensitive side which I love about him.

Who has more friends? I do, but that is probably because I make an effort to keep friendships and make new ones. Plus I'm a girl.

Who has more siblings? Jared has me beat my one. I have one brother and one sister. He has two brothers and one sister.
Thank you Jared for a wonderful 5 years! I love you!!!


carrie said...

Such a cute post!!!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. 5 years is something to brag about - i'm impressed.

I loved reading about you guys.

Amy said...

Happy Anniversary! Your post is so cute Christina, I love reading how people meet.

Amanda said...

Happy Anniversary! You two are too cute.

Jared said...

Christina is lying about how we met...I saw someone steal her purse on 16th street, and I chased the guy, beat him silly, and got her purse back. She asked me out right before I flew off to save the world...I'm tired of keeping it a secret after 5 years. Love you babe!