May is a bad month for Jared. Within three weeks I have a birthday, mother's day & our anniversary. Poor guy... So I told him he could combine it all.
On Friday he surprised me with a quick getaway. I knew we were doing something, but didn't know what. I took Grey to Ken & Jodie's (thanks!!!) and when I pulled into the driveway Jared asked if I was hungry. We went out for lunch and he kept on driving still not telling me where we were heading.
I felt like a little kid. I was so excited!!! He had packed a bag for me and took me to the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park. It was incredible.There was wildlife EVERYWHERE. We probably saw a hundred elk and deer plus a huge group of mountain goats. They just hang around town. These were right outside our hotel:It was a perfect weekend. We pretty much just ate and relaxed. We didn't hardly take any pictures!!! Thank you Jared for being so thoughtful & loving!

PS-Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful moms out there!!!


carrie said...

Oh my gosh! Go Jared! I've always wanted to stay at the Stanley hotel. How awesome! I didn't even get to hear about it on Sunday...I need details. We must go for a walk this week.

Amanda said...

He packed your bag for you?! He's awesome. That's my least favorite part of trips! Looks like fun.

TippettsFam said...

wow... sounds so fab! lucky you!!!