A few more things

Some highlights of the last couple weeks:

A Forever 21 shopping trip with my sister
Trying on both cute and absurd clothes. Do you like my sequined tunic?
Celebrating New Year's with friends at Cheesecake Factory
A relaxing trip to the condo in Dillon including a massage, movies, games, puzzles and skiing. It was SO cold!


carrie said...

Hey! I didn't know you got a massage! NICE. Cheesecake factory looks so fun - wish we could have been there!!!

Mandi said...

Hey! That shopping trip looks like fun! I am not gonna be buying any new clothes for a while though...gotta loose that baby weight! How is Heather? It's been forever since I've seen her! Are you guys gonna be around the middle of March? We are coming home with the baby and going to bless her there. We would love to see you. We aren't very good about this "cousins" thing.