What can I say? I had such a good time in Florida that I was actually depressed for a day or two after getting back. Ugh... It didn't help that I woke up at 2:15 denver time to travel back, walked in the door and had to hurry out to make it to the last hour of church.

My days in Florida consisted of sleeping in, making my way down to the beach and coming back up to watch some Desperate Housewives and eat lots of ice cream. I read two books and watched the entire first season of Desperate Housewives. I ate SO much junk and I loved every bit of it with no guilt. I think I've started something that I'm going to need frequently.

Aaaaah... This was me every morning:Christmas in Florida is very different. Everything is decorated with these huge things:My sunset walk on the beach with my mom:
My mom & I went kayaking in a bay and the mangroves and I swear I saw an alligator get in the water.I rented a bike one day to explore the island by myself. Here are a few photos I took:


carrie said...

Oh my gosh. Did you DIE when you saw the alligator? What did you do? I think I would have paddled as fast as I could to the shore.

It looks like such a great trip. I'm glad you had such a nice time. How did Jared do holding down the fort? What 2 books did you read?

TippettsFam said...

so glad you had a good time... you deserved it!!! i thought of you sitting on the beach a few times and was SO jealous! fun to have some bonding time with your mom too!! welcome back to reality. ;)

Amy said...

How fun! I think everyone (especially us Mom's) need to take sometime out for themselves. It just makes us happier people. And if you have to go to Florida to do it then even better!

Pam, Jason, and Ryan said...

It looks like heaven. I am so glad that you got to go! How fun!

Haleys said...

You Lucky Dog. Thanks for keeping in touch. I'm not very good at it -- due to most of the time needing to hibernate, but we are doing well here and think of all of our great friends at "the ward" in downtown Denver...please give Pam a congrats hug and tell Jared, Carrie & Dave, Erin & Regan, Janae & Eric, etc. hello from me. Take care -- you are such a great Mom I can tell.

Heath Bar Crunchiters said...

Hello Miss beautiful!! You look SO gorgeous in the picture of you on the beach!