A Problem in Paradise

Luckily I have free internet here, so I can still stay connected! As you know, Florida has very high humidity. I love everything about it except for my hair! Have any of you seen this episode of Friends where Monica's hair reacts to the humidity in Barbados? Um, yeah. Mine is getting suprisingly close to that.

Okay... here is the best photo I could get. This is my hair AFTER blowdrying it straight & using a really hot flat iron. It just would not get straight as hard as I tried. I'll post my Florida pictures soon.


carrie said...

this picture is never going to suffice. i want to see a picture of YOUR hair! give it up lady.

how are the books & beach treating you?

Christina said...

Okay maybe I'll take a picture. :( I straightened it with a flat iron last night and got home to FRIZZ & wierd curls.

The beach & books are PERFECT! I started on the Uglies. It is a fun book.

Amanda said...

I too demand a picture!

sis P said...

P, I miss you and I wish I were there...to show off my straight hair. Jk! I LOVE YOU 4-eva!

carrie said...

that's pretty funny...although you still look adorable, nice try!