Today UPS brought my bike trailer. YAY! I have been dying to get out on my bike and now I can. Jared got it all set up for me and we took it for a little spin around Wash Park. Luckily it cooled off but didn't rain so I could take advantage. I kept checking behind me thinking it wasn't there because it is so light. Grey had a blast. He kept busy checking out the pockets, buckles and straps. He didn't quite last the whole way around the park and we had to hurry back home. I love it and can't wait to go out again tomorrow. I love to be outside, but sometimes walking and running is just too slow.I want some SPEED!
We went to the pool with Ken & Jodie's family a couple weekends ago. I'm a little slow in getting the picture up... It was a lot of fun. Greyden didn't like the big pool with all the noisy, splashing kids. So we mostly hung out in the baby pool for a bit, even though they really scare me. They are a little too warm and cloudy. Hmmmm.... Jared wanted to toughen him up and get him used to the cold pool. As you can see, he wasn't too thrilled with that idea. Thanks Ken, Jodie & kids for the FUN pool day!


TippettsFam said...

love the pages! i've really gotta figure out the whole digi scrapbooking world one of these days...... oh and the bike trailer looks like so much fun!!!

Sorensen's said...

what program do you do your digi scrapbooking with? Is it online or did you buy it? I love the pages!

Christina said...

I just use photoshop (since I have it already for photography) and I download papers, etc off of websites. I have only gotten free stuff so far. I didn't want to spend $$$ on it yet. :) computerscrapbook.com has a free download section to get started on. Let me know if you find any good websites. Thanks!!!

carrie said...

Little Greys face is classic in this pic! I love it. So cool that you have a bike trailer...do they make adult sized versions of that? I would love Dave to tow me up some of our mountain bike trails.