Merry Christmas!

We made it! This was the best Christmas I think we have ever had. We didn't leave our house for the first time ever. My mom & stepdad came over late morning to hang out and open presents. Then my brother came that evening for dinner then he & I stayed up way too late playing our old school Nintendo.

This little family is my world. Some days that feels so overwhelming as they rely on just me for everything. But most of the time it fills my entire soul with joy. Look at them!

 I have never had a baby enjoy Christmas as much as Vanessa did this year. She loved opening the presents and scooting around looking for more. She was such a doll.
 Elise & Uncle Bryan selfies

I say that this was the best Christmas, but Jared came down with a nasty influenza flu that evening and slowly gave it to the rest of us. So we were all down and out for the rest of the break when we were supposed to be in the mountains relaxing and skiing. I haven't been that sick in a long time. It was the full on aches, fever and chills for days and days on end. We rang in the New Year fast asleep with a humidifier going and meds on the nightstand. But it came with lots of snuggles.

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