We had a wonderful trip to Steamboat with my mom and stepdad. It was such a special time together and we stayed one door down so the kids had a blast running back and forth. My mom was so cute and had a little sleepover with them and had them over for french toast or to play in her bath tub. I just loved every minute! Plus I am in love with Steamboat. We are already planning another trip back together (but with heather & jason this time) next summer.

We did a lot of walks and wandered by the river to throw rocks & sticks in. The river was running fast & high!
 A neat old train. Cole was in heaven...
 Of course we spent a day at the hot springs. We opted for the city one since it has a splash pad and tons of fun pools for the little ones.
Grey back-floating and Jared trying to teach Elise to swim--still.
 The infamous horse. Here the Grey the last time we were in Steamboat. How did he grow up so much?!!
 Ice cream & candy on main street
 They took turns sharing a bed and each night Cole was snuggled or holding hands with Grey and Elise. I love it!
 Fish Creek Falls
We hurried past the scary river and hiked up the mountain for a couple of miles. So beautiful.
 Jared with Cole and my mom with Elise
 Grey has reached the "weird smile" phase
 Vanessa was absolutely perfect on her first hike. She slept most of the time.
 Cole watching the fish, pond skaters and kayakers with Grandma
Can't wait for next year!

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