January Happenings

January took a bit of getting back into the swing of school, activities and schedules. I would be happy if we didn't have any of those and could just be together all of the time (well with a few little breaks). We've been enjoying some down time. I figure I need to fit it in before all of my attention goes to a new little one in a couple of months.

My sister-in-law Jodie had the girl cousins over for a spa and sleepover night. SO CUTE! She sent the most adorable pictures. Elise is lucky to have this special time with cousins and a special aunt.

For Jared's birthday, I gave him a night at the Magnolia downtown. It was absolutely perfect. We went to dinner and saw a movie on 16th street. It was a warm night so it was an entertaining night of people watching. I sure loved having some time with my sweetie. With the house remodel and moving, we had not had a date night for waaaaay too long. So it was nice to be alone together. And sleeping in, waking up to a snowy day just topped it off.

Oh and I went from this

to this in only TWO weeks.

AAAAAH! Hard to believe I have 10 ½ weeks of growing left (unless this baby follows her siblings and comes 1-3 weeks early). Don't mind the naked belly. My normal shirts just won't stay down anymore...

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