Every year I try to get everything done early in hopes of a relaxing Christmas season. I always get things done in November, but am still scrambling around the whole month of December. Someday I will figure out how not to do that. Even amidst all the hustle and bustle, it is my favorite time of year. I love every single thing about it! This is perfection to me: a cold, snowy evening with a crackling fire, listening to Christmas music surrounded by my family. We only had a couple of cold, snowy evenings, but we took full advantage.

We got a family picture with Santa at a cookie exchange with our friends

We had an early "Christmas" with Grandma Laura and Grandpa Dave

Christmas Eve was at Grandma Jo's & Grandpa Dean's complete with the traditional Nativity reenactment. Grandpa is the donkey, Brooklynn is Mary and apparently Elise wanted to be Baby Jesus. As soon as they read about baby Jesus, Cole jumped in and said, "I am the baby" which caused them to argue back and forth as to who the baby Jesus was. It was pretty tough to keep a straight face. Grey was the wise man and did very well with his part.

Grey & Elise with Brooklynn

The kiddos in their new PJ's at Grandma's house

I look forward to our Hickory Farms box of goodies every year from my grandparents. This year it didn't show up until LATE Christmas Eve and I thought it wasn't coming. I was pretty excited to see it on my doorstep. It is the little things in life...

Christmas Morning is the best! There is nothing I love more than to see smiles on my children's faces. We had a relaxing morning and stayed in our PJ's all day.

Cole passed out upstairs right around naptime--guess it was too much excitement.

We finished the evening off with a delicious turkey feast and driving around to look at lights. I adore my family and am thankful for these wonderful times to get us through the tougher days. :) 

I feel unbelievably blessed and grateful to my Savior who gave us the ultimate gift.

Merry Christmas!

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