I blinked.

And somehow this little guy that I so desperately wanted to grow up a little bit (and stop waking me up screaming throughout the night) has grown up and left me for ALL DAY kindergarten.  I always thought it was so strange to be sad to watch kids grow up and become independent. But like every other humbling moment in parenting, I understand now.
It isn't that he is gone for the day--because my days are so busy and fly by. It is more that he has taken that first step of many to become independent and become his own person. I am thrilled for him and love watching him grow up--but a little piece of my heart has to go with him. :) They get to THE BEST age and then they leave you all day. Well I guess I still have another little boy keeping me up with his screaming throughout the night...
 Grey found his little friend, Preston, and they walked hand in hand to school the first day
 They found their other friend, Joey, and peered through the window of their classroom before school started.

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