Family Reunion 2012

Warning: Longest post ever. My mom & stepdad rented a beautiful house near Buena Vista for a whole week--bribing Heather & Jason to come visit us! We made some amazing memories together and I might already be planning next year's reunion...

Reintroducing Cole & Allie (1 week apart)--she is a little scared of him

Attending church together in Buena Vista in their tiny-adorable church house

Cake-making attempts - at least it tasted delicious

Visiting the ghost town St. Elmo

and having a picnic lunch in the trunk of our car

A gorgeous hike to Agnes Vaille Falls

Another incredible hike to the Lost Lake
(we were the ONLY people the whole time and it was breathtaking--although I am not going to lie--I was totally freaked out about running into a bear--I am sure they were watching us)

Working out & swimming at the rec center

Cousins bath time with the jets and bubbles

Reading on our balcony in the mornings

Beautiful bike rides

After-dinner walks

Trying to find syrup in the booming town of Hartsel, CO
The sheriff's office looks very professional

Eating most of our meals with the cute deer family

Late-night sissy time

I love my family. And Colorado is stunningly beautiful!

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