Waterworld Party

I love, love, love our annual Waterworld family party. This year was even better than ever. I passed off the two younger ones to Jared and took off with Grey for a lot of the day. We had a BLAST! I love that he is getting older and braver and we can have so much fun together.

The oldest and youngest of the grandkids
My kids are lucky to have such great examples from their cousins

Elise went from this (happy with an ice cream cone)...

 ...to this in a matter of seconds. She was very, very tired.

 Cole was surprisingly perfect all day!

 Sweet girls--Addie & Elise

 Colin kicking back

We have gotten so big that we get two birthday cakes now

Happy Birthday Dean, Cindy, Pam, Ryan, Elise & Cole!!!

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Tobi said...

Fun! I've never been to Waterworld. I feel ashamed as a mother and a Coloradian. =)