Happy TWO months to our sweet little man. He looks so much like Grey to me and putting him in his old clothes gives me crazy deja-vu. When I told Jared he is a blue-eyed G, he responded that he will be "unstoppable." Apparently Jared's big blue eyes got him out of a lot of trouble growing up. And got him lots of girls... Awesome.

He is a happier little guy now that he is on his reflux meds. He has started smiling and cooing. The kids love it and will sing & talk in silly voices until they get a good smile out of him. We all adore him! He loves his changing table and baths. He is a momma's boy but will actually take a bottle unlike my other kids. Although he seems to want to take it from just me. Hmmm... He does not like his car seat--which is a real problem with preschool drop-offs and pick-ups daily.

Having three kids isn't as bad as I thought it would be. Everyone terrified me--when I was pregnant already of course!!! But I do have to wake up each morning and decide what has to be done and what can hold off or not happen. There is no way to get everything done. And I am tired. So if I start speaking nonsense to you--just know I am very, very sleep deprived. But I am working out again and I finally feel more like myself being able to do that each day.

2-month stats:
weight 13 lbs 2 oz (80%)
height 23.5 in (75%)
head 15 5/8 (45%)
(almost identical to Grey at 2-months)

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Kari said...

Hello there!

I'm Kari--Heather's friend. Um, you guys look SO much alike! I feel like I already know you because Heather talks about you so much. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)