Grey has a little crush on a girl, Tennyson, in his class. One of the first days of school he came home to tell me that there was a girl with a beautiful voice. He said he liked to listen to her talk. It is so sweet and innocent! She ended up being in the after-school cooking class we put him in and every time I go in there to pick him up they are sitting next to each other.

Last week I went to go pick him up after school and he came running up to me excited and showing me a piece of paper. He said he wants to call her so she can come over to play with him. Apparently he asked Tennyson's DAD for her phone number. Hahaha. That poor guy didn't see that coming with his four-year-old daughter. She wrote her name on the back for him. So cute!
I have loved watching him in the school/social setting. He is so confident and just loves playing with everyone and having fun. It is awesome to see his personality develop.

And on a side note--look at my cute boys after church. Grey likes to match Cole and asks me to put him in his sweater vest.
And we roasted s'mores in the rain one evening. I am proud of my girl-scout skills. I built the fire myself!

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Jason and Heather said...

Well, the picture of Grey and Cole made me cry. I'd blame it on the hormones or lack of sleep but I'm pretty sure it's because they are so cute and I miss them so much.