Hard to believe sweet Cole has been with us for two weeks--and especially hard to believe I gave birth two weeks ago! Other than being tired and my leaking eyes, my body feels so great! This recovery has been awesome. Now just four more weeks to get the dr. okay to work out. It is nice to be on the third baby. Jared & I have our system down and it is so much less stressful and worrisome. Let's hope it sticks.

Cole is such a delight! He hardly ever cries--mostly just grunts and barks. I have soaked up every possible minute snuggling and kissing his tiny lips and nose just in case this is our last baby.

Jared went back to work on Monday and since then, I have survived taking all three kids on a trip to Sunflower Market and Target, a picnic at the park, sitting at a Labcorp for an hour to get blood drawn for Cole, and filling out paperwork at Grey's new school. I only lost my mind briefly a couple times! The real trouble is always the toddler--Elise already has spunk and it is coming out in full force now.

Grey's comment about Cole today: " Mom, I just love him so much that you need to stop feeding him. I want him to stay small because he is sooooo cute!"

I will definitely keep feeding him, but we are all so in love with this little guy!


Jason and Heather said...

Yay!!! I'm so happy you posted these! Grey is so cute, that is hilarious. We love baby Cole!!

Nataluscious said...

Adorable! And YUM - I love baby-after-bath smell. Glad all is going well with baby #3 and that you are feeling so good! :)

Wandry Words said...

What a perfect little baby! I can't wait to snuggle and kiss him myself. So sweet of Grey to say such a sweet thing. :)