Starting School

Grey started preschool on Friday! He was supposed to be in the morning class so that Jared could help with drop-offs and I could run errands with only two kids while he was at school. I found out two days before that they had put him in the afternoon class and there was no hope of changing it. It gave me a little panic when I found out. I had barely wrapped my head around hauling three kids out once every day to and from the school. Now I drop him off, hurry home to get Elise down for her 2 hour nap, wake her up and head out to pick him up again. I will get the hang of it--I am just not excited about it.

We aren't off to a great start, so I am hoping things start looking up. On Friday (the first day) the teacher talked to me because another boy punched him in the eye. And today I got a phone call from her just after I finished my lunch that he was throwing up and I needed to come pick him up. I hurriedly woke up both napping kiddos and rushed over to get my sick G. He was passed out on a big pillow in the room. We made it out of the school after one almost disaster. Luckily he kind of sort of made it to the bathroom....
Anyways... in honor of Grey starting school, I took him for a little Mommy & Grey date to Dairy Queen the night before. He picked out a blizzard with m&ms. I had him choose a lunch before he went to school the first day and he chose whole-wheat pancakes, pears, kiwi and edamame. Funny and random. Unfortunately he came home starving!

He is so handsome and definitely looks so grown-up! It is a strange realization that I will never have my boy home with me again. It goes way too quickly. I finally enjoy him and want to spend time with him and I have to send him to school!


Charitons said...

Oh no! Poor Grey and poor you. I hope it gets better.

Arianne Pearce said...

Oh Christina!!! I am so sorry- rocky start. It's hard getting into the swing of things and that stinks that it's right over nap time. I can relate! Hopefully you will eventually be happy with a new schedule!