An outing... finally

I am attempting a few outings here and there now that I am getting a bit of energy back. Although I am doomed to bed all afternoon still if I try to do too much. Like taking them to the museum. Ugh. When will I ever be normal again?!!

Last week I used some free coupons I had for the Children's Museum. I hadn't taken Grey there since he was about Elise's age. And obviously Elise had never been. They both had a blast! And were worn out enough that they both threw fits as we were leaving. Nice.

But before the meltdowns, Grey got to try his hand at many different career paths:

Firefighter G (his favorite--we did it twice)

Fisherman G

Scientist G? (Catching big bubbles is a stretch)

Woodworker G (check out the nerd glasses-hah!)

And Elise of course had a blast just running all over and getting into everything humanly possible. So glad it is a place that it is okay to do so.


leslie said...

fun! we haven't been to the CM in ages. hope you get your post mono pep back soon.... we need a ladies night. booyah!

ps. warrior dash race looks so fun! i'd totally be game next year :)

carrie said...

How did you score free tixs to the children's museum? I want some. Your kids are so cute. I don't know why - but whenever I take Brig there I'm so worn out. It makes no sense!