Lime Green Frogs

Grey started soccer this past Saturday on the Lime Green Frog team. He has been excited and waiting for it for so long. He told me everyday all summer long that "it was taking too long to get here!" He has been practicing lots and wore his shinguards around as much as I would let him.

The night before his excitement got to him and he could not fall asleep for two hours and then woke up at 6AM ready to go.

As soon as we got to the field, he grabbed a ball and started kicking it around and making goals. With each goal he would jump up with his hands in the air and yell, "SCORE!" Then high-five Jared or whoever was around to see. Hahaha.... What a hilarious boy! He was also pretty pumped about snack time. Juice and Nutri-grain bars. You would have thought they gave him handfuls of doughnuts and candy for how excited he was about it.

And a little video--he is in the red shorts with the orange ball and high-fiving Jared at the end.

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Charitons said...

That is SO CUTE and so hilarious. Kids are really fun when they're no really hard huh? : )