So I have been MIA. again. Having way too much fun this summer and neglecting everything I should be doing. Heather & Jason came to town over Father's Day weekend--so we took advantage and had a fun-filled weekend! We met at Belleview Park **side note--if you have never been--GO NOW!** for a picnic lunch and fun.

We had a little picnic in the shade on our blankets.
(Dave, Mom, Christina, Elise, Jason, Jared, Grey)

(Sisters and BFFs!)

Then Jason, Heather & I took Grey on a little train ride with an adorable conductor in overalls and a train cap. Look how cute!

We finished our park day at the petting zoo. Grey loved it and went right up to pet each of the animals. I guess having 2 big dogs will make a kid unafraid of animals. I want to live on a farm and have cute little farm animals!

(The sign said no feeding the animals, but Grey was too cute trying to help the cow get the hay)

(My new cow friend who I wanted to take home)

(Heather & Grey with the crazy pig. It kept trying to eat my dress and tore apart some guy's shoes and shoelaces as he walked by.)

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