Butterfly Pavillions

First of all, look at how much my little guy has grown since the last time we went. Can I just pause time for a bit? And yes now he is independent and dresses himself and looks like a hobo kid.

I have been meaning to take Grey back to see all of the bugs and butterflies. He has such a fascination with it all right now.

*side note* He has a ladybug playground where we put roly-polies and ladybugs. His first roly-poly he put in there he named Elfie and slept cuddled up to it. Oh and I had a dead dragonfly sitting on my kitchen table for 2 days. He likes bugs!

Anyways... he LOVED it!

He even held the tarantula...

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Angela Henderson said...

Wow he has really grown a lot, your right. He looks more grown up. Time goes by so fast.