To the big U T

My sister had surgery this past weekend in St. George, UT, so I packed up Elise & we flew standby to be with her. So glad that everything went so well. Heather's surgery was as good as it could have been and Elise was an absolute doll (minus not sleeping at all!). Elise also got to meet my grandparents for the first time! She is their third great-grandbaby. I am thrilled to be be back with my boys, but miss my sister SO much. Why can't all the people I love and need live in a 30-minute radius from me?!!

Elise's first plane ride (3 more to go...)

Post-Op P
Yes I am spoon-feeding her jello
Because that is what sisters are for. 
And for braiding hair and helping each other bathe after surgery. :)
(Hbar - you might hate me for posting this - but I couldn't resist)

The ONLY time Elise slept was next to me in bed.
That meant no naps and going to bed for the night at 10:30 or 11!

My Dear Grandparents
Elise's Great-Grandparents
Oh how I love them!

Oh and I did get to go to Down East AND In N Out.
That made the trip complete!


Wandry Words said...

What a treat to see your grandparents. I'm so glad you were able to get these photos. Wait! Where is your Mom? You could have had your fourth generation photos. :)
I'm SO glad you were able to go be with Heather.

Jason and Heather said...

I am so glad there are baby e pics to balance out my drugged pic. I miss you so much!!!! You are the best sister ever!

Rebecca said...

That first picture of Elise is BEAUTIFUL! Those eyes are incredible!

Nataluscious said...

Love the pic of you and Elise - frame-worthy! And sorry to hear about your sister - hope she is feeling better. And glad to hear you made it to the two greatest places in Utah :).

Jenn said...

Is Heather ok? What kind of surgery? Yuck, I HATE surgery. Elise is SO stinking cute. And, getting so big. We need to meet up soon!

Christina said...

She is all better! She had to have a possibly cancerous lymph node removed. But good news is that it wasn't cancerous, just ginormous!

And yes! We do need to get together. Are you up for the zoo?