Isn't this so sad---and so adorable?

I spent yesterday running to my doctor then taking the kids to theirs.  Found out I have strep. Lucky me!  Poor Elise has some sort of RSV/Bronchiolitis. They couldn't test for it specifically at the doctor's office. But she has to have nebulizer treatments throughout the day for a couple weeks. It is so sad. Most of the time she screams the whole time as I try to hold it close enough to her face to get the medication. 

Here's to hoping the germs leave our home quickly!


Jennifer said...

Poor baby girl! I had to do breathing treatments with Preston when we was little. It is no fun. Hope you guys get better!

Rebecca said...

pitiful!!! get better soon!

Tobi said...

I only had to do that once with my son Alec. It was a miserable experience. I bet it's much worse having to do it several times for weeks.

I everyone gets well soon!

The Simpson life said...

I feel your pain. Both of my boys have asthma and my oldest had those treatments 3-4 times a day for TWO years!!! Now its not quite that much. Its miserable for her and you, but hang in there. The two weeks will go by quickly, or at least just go bye. :)
Good luck and I hope that every ones feels better soon!!

Nataluscious said...

Yes, that is just the saddest little face ever. Adorable, but sad. We had to do that one with our dachshund when she was a tiny puppy and that was pretty sad too. But Elise takes the cake ;).

Wandry Words said...

Oh, sweet baby! I wish I had taken photos of my boys when they were this young doing breathing treatments. It's a priceless shot!!!
Sure hope you are all on the mend.
Love you!