On Monday Grey and I drove down to spend the day in Colorado Springs with my brother. We went to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo first and WOW it was incredible!!! If you haven't ever been, you must go. It is like no other zoo I have ever been to. When we walked in there was an area below us full of giraffes that you can feed. You can touch their cute noses. I made friends with one of them.

They had a cute little play area for kids. Grey liked the fake tree trunk with spider webs.There is also a petting area where the kids can play with bunnies. Grey LOVED this one bunny. He was trying to give it hugs and kisses.

After the zoo we went to the Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun. I have no idea what it is, but it has an incredible view of the city.

Thanks Bryan for a FUN day!!!

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