Happy Easter!

What a fun Easter this year! Greyden is old enough to sort of enjoy it now. I love getting excited about Easter and acting like a kid again. We have a Target bag full of candy now and I've made myself sick on it for the past week, but it was really fun.
On Saturday we went to an easter egg hunt at DU. It was so cute! Greyden's favorite thing was a little bunny stuffed animal. They became best friends immediately. He gives it loves and kisses every time he sees it now.Then on Sunday we spent the afternoon with family for dinner and another easter egg hunt. We are so blessed to have such great family to be with and celebrate.
Even with all the candy and food, I can't forget the reason we celebrate Easter. I am so grateful to know that He is Risen! I sang that song in the back of my head all day long. :) What a wonderful knowledge!!!


carrie said...

So adorable! What a fun group of cousins!

Mandi said...

So cute! Thanks for the website. I have your Arbonne stuff here at the house. If you want I can bring it to your house, ship it to you, or you can copme get it... let me know which you would prefer. I decided to stay an extra week, So I am still here, and wil be until next weekend. If you wanted to do lunch or anything! Let me know!

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