Training Day

I did it! (with a little bit of walking...) Jared & I did our 10 mile training run today. We ran up to City Park by the zoo and back down along Cheeseman Park and home. It was a really fun run. When we got to City Park they had a high school cross country meet going. I was thinking back to my high school track days when I thought 1 mile of running was forever long.

Sometimes when I'm running I have a really hard time staying motivated not to just walk the rest of the way. Anyone out there have any special secrets? A couple of songs today that kept me going were:
Mr. Brightsides by The Killers
My Humps by Black Eyed Peas (I know...)
Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison
She Comes and Goes by Rob Drabkin (local artist--AMAZING!!!)


carrie said...

AWESOME!!! Congrats...I'll have to try that tomorrow.

Did Mr. G go with you?

TippettsFam said...

good for you guys!!! i have to wait for joe to get back into town tomorrow before i can do my run.... love brown eyed girl. that was my song in HS!!!

Tara said...

That is awesome Christina!!! Good for you! You are the one who needs to be giving out your secret on how you get motivated in the first place to go out there and even attempt a 10 mile.

Christina said...

Thanks guys! I only do it because Jared has a "special" training schedule. :) We left Greyden at home with my mom & step dad. I wouldn't have made it with the stroller.

Amanda said...

Good for you! 10 miles is a LONG run!

carrie said...

I hope you are having fun in Vegas...I can't wait to hear about your trip when you get back.