Little Mermaid

I went to see The Little Mermaid on Saturday with the girls in Jared's family... Thank you Joanne! Everything was amazing including the talent, sets, music. The girl that played Ariel had a fantastic voice and sounded just like the movie. They had a few new songs that were amazing as well. The only negative was the lady sitting in front of us. She dramatically gasped when Ursula appeared, squealed when the Prince kissed Ariel and clapped as the songs started. You would have thought she was a little girl dressed up in her mermaid dress, but she was a full-grown adult. I guess she was REALLY excited to be there.

photos courtesy of Little Mermaid - Broadway


carrie said...

I'm jealous - that sounds so fun!

TippettsFam said...

i loved this!!! so great. i bet your show was better than ours since they've had a bit more time to tweak it.

i like your new photo blog, btw and would definetly love to have you re-do our wedding pics (if i can ever talk joe into it and if i can squeeze back into my dress). i was sick the morning ours were taken and it shows... blech!!!!

Amy said...

How fun, I love when you can do total girly things like that. I have a secret desire to see Disney's Princess's on Ice. But Little Mermaid would be just a good or better I am sure!

Joanne said...

You are VERY welcome for Little Mermaid. We ALL loved it. I'm glad we could get together for a fun day.
Love, MOM W

Christina said...

Leslie, I would be SO jealous if you could fit into your wedding dress. I had mine quickly boxed after I had Greyden and couldn't pull it up over my new hips. :)
Amy, I would totally go to anything Disney! I'm a little girl at heart.

heather said...

I saw the show this past Saturday too and it was so amazing!It's my favorite Disney movie which made it even better. I loved it and i thought the costumes were awesome. Ursula disapppointed me a little b.c she was very different than what i thought she would be, but overall i was very impressed.