We (or should I say Jared) got a new toy over the weekend. A Harley Speedster... I thought we were just browsing, but Jared couldn't resist after he took it around the block. Plus he didn't want to have to drive out by the airport again to buy it. I said we could get it if he put a sissy bar on the back so I don't fly off. They still scare me a little bit.... I've only sat on it once for a picture. A little different now that we have a kid.
I might have to take some lessons and get my license too. We could join my mom, stepdad and Heather & Jason on their cool motorcycles!!! We could start our own little bike gang.
Doesn't Jared look HOT??? Greyden is NOT smiling.


Jared said...

YEAH BABY!!! YEAAAHH! I'm the newest member of the mile-high Harley Club!! Live to Ride, Ride to Live...nothin' but smiles to work today!

Sorensen Family said...

Jared's comment cracks me up! Such a guy thing to do. Have fun with it!!

carrie said...

Every third day from Dave: "Carrie...Jared thinks I should get a bike too. Don't you think so?"

You definitely need to learn to ride Christina. Can dave and I join your bike gang? We have moutain bikes - does that count?