Rocky Mountain Race

We ran in the Rocky Mountain race this past Sunday morning. We did the 5.5K pretty much because we're lazy... The course starts in Riverfront Park (which by the way is my dream place to live) and heads past Coors Field and through the streets of downtown, winds along the Platte back to where we started. The half marathoners run the same course but head up past Invesco and around Sloan's Lake. It was a blast running downtown! Luckily I had my sister in town to run it with me. We ran together the whole time which was really fun. Thanks P! I can't wait to do it again next year. I think Jared & I are going to try the 1/2 marathon next. AAAAH! I have a year to prepare, right???


carrie said...

Were you the only two running the race?

I think it is funny how far more people are watching the race than running it. Although that is better than the Bolder Boulder which is a mosh pit, and you have to fight for survival!

Where did you get your cute little running skirt? And where is Mr. Grey?

Christina said...

It was a pretty small race... Funny it looks like we're the only ones running. We're just WAY behind everyone else. The running skirt is from Target & the best thing ever! I've used it a few times and L-O-V-E it. Oh and Greyden was cheering me on the sidelines with gma & gpa. :)