Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful MOMS! I must say my first Mother's Day was not quite how I would have imagined it to be. I just have to laugh at it, so here's a little smile for all you moms out there. We were heading back from Cabo on Mother's Day. I was imagining that maybe my hubby planned ahead and brought a card with him. Wishful thinking... So, we are driving to the airport to head back home and here is how the conversation went:
Me: So, I guess you forgot. (me pouting)
Jared: What? (no idea what I am talking about)
Me: Ummm... (waiting for him to come up with the right answer) Today is Mother's Day.
Jared: OH! I'm so glad you reminded me. I'll have to call my mom when we get to Denver.

HAHA! I guess I'm not officially a mom yet. To top off my Mother's Day, Greyden decided to SCREAM for over half an hour as our plane was landing. I could not do anything to calm him down. The lady in the back yelled, "Hey dad, does he have a pacifier, bottle, anything?" At that point I lost it and started bawling. Luckily I had a window seat so I could turn away and not be MORE embarrassed.

Later, I sent Jared out for some food since we had none in our house and he came back with a little something for me. I guess he felt bad that he forgot. He's so sweet.


TippettsFam said...

oh christina!!! i am laughing only because i know this story all too well! my first mothers day tops them all (way too long to share here) but this year was no exception. my sister-in-law and i always call each other the day after to swap stories and have a good laugh!

Mr. Wandry said...

That was pretty bad. I admit it. I have no defense and no excuse. I was punished for my sins on the plane by that screaming kid, though. I have paid my dues...

carrie said...

This is a hilarious story. Totally cracks me up. On the other end I'm NOT a mother, and I kept telling Dave it was my special day on Mother's day. (because I WILL be a Mother one day.) He didn't get on board with that school of thought - but his dad did, and since we had dinner at his parents house, Dave had to pretend it was my special day too. HA!

Jared you crack me up - "that kid"

Christina said...

Leslie, I do want to hear that story sometime. It is always fun to swap those stories. :) Carrie, I think ALL women should celebrate mom's day even if they don't have kids. I love that Dave had to play along with it. Serves him right!