7 things...

This is what 7 months looks like...
7 things about Greyden that make me smile:
1. When Greyden squeals so loud that he scares himself.
2. The way he laughs and kicks at my stupid, made-up songs about nothing.
3. Having a little buddy that I can take shopping without getting bored (that won't last forever!)
4. Watching him grow and learn new things. I'm such a dorky mom.
5. Jared & I can't help but laugh when he sucks his top lip like a pacifier. I wish he would have just taken a pacifier from the start.
6. His smiles, laughs and giggles!!!
7. Giving him to one of the grandmas for just a short time so I can have a break.

I also have a list of things that don't make me smile, but I'm sure you parents already have some ideas about what that could include.
I took Greyden to Wash Park today since it was so gorgeous outside. I love being outdoors after the rain when everything is fresh & bright! They just barely planted flowers in the flowerbeds, but I found this pretty one and I had to take a picture.


Pam, Jason, and Ryan said...

I can't believe that he is already 7 months!! And I was at wash park too today!! Great minds think alike!

Aunt P and Uncle Jason said...

Oh my goodness! Happy 7 month birthday Grey LOVE!

carrie said...

do we go to the same park? how come my pictures never turn out so fabulous? that is a great pic.

Christina said...

ummm. yes we do go to the same park. thank you photoshop for making my photos look better. hehehe.