Lazy Saturdays

Saturday was oh-so wonderful. It was finally sunny and warm. For some reason the sunshine always puts Jared & I into project mode. Jared put in a flagstone pathway out front where the mailman is making a bare spot in our grass. I spent the ENTIRE day cleaning the house and the dogs. Unfortunately it put us both in bed with aching backs... We're getting OLD!Greyden wanted to help out in the yard.

Greyden has a TV problem. He ignores me and won't even blink when I have the TV turned on. He's his daddy's boy!


TippettsFam said...

i love that little chair grey is sitting in, and i'm totally digging the lobster shirt. perfect for yardwork!! i need to clean my house ALL day... i'm jealous you're done!

Sorensen Family said...

I love the warm weather too. Now if only we had a house to do projects on. Greyden is getting so big, I think he looks a lot like Jared in the picture of him watching tv!