Happy (snowy) Easter

Easter started out perfectly with Greyden sleeping until 9! Plus I got beautiful roses from my L-O-V-E. He even picked out Easter colored flowers. I was very impressed. Thanks babe!

We went over to Grandma & Grandpa W.'s for the annual Easter Egg Hunt. It was indoors this year because of the crazy snowstorm. We tried to get Greyden to find the eggs, but he just wanted to watch everyone else run around. He was a little curious about a green one.

He was quite concerned and nervous about the noise and commotion going on around him. I'm sure next year's Easter will be very different. He will running around with the BIG kids.


TippettsFam said...

didn't quite feel like easter with all the snow did it ...looks like you had a great day in spite of it though! the flowers are georgeous and the babe is oh so cute in his easter bunny vest!!!

Carrie said...

Man you got flowers! I'm jealous, they are so pretty. All I got was 2 crappy advil. But, Dave has been my virtual slave for the past 2 weeks - so I'll cut him some slack.

carrie said...

ps - Grey is such a handsome little man!