The rest of June:

We went back to Dillon a week later with our good friends (Denhams). Spent a lot of time talking, going for walks and hanging out at the lake.
We went on one of our favorite hikes--Mayflower Gulch
What we didn't expect were the huge berms of snow and a giant river running down the trail. We all pushed forward and it was an epic adventure. So much fun and we made it to the top.
 Elise and Cole started soccer. Although Cole's soccer consisted of crying on the side for one practice and game, Jared & I getting in a huge fight and bagging the whole thing for the season. Elise, however, loved it and when the big boys weren't there, she made some awesome goals!
 We also went camping with some friends. It was fantastic until we all squeezed in a tiny tent and Vanessa was awake and crying pretty much all night. I had plans to leave after one night to teach a class--thank goodness! One night was plenty with her. But Jared stayed another night with the boys. Looking forward to many more camping trips--in the future when Vanessa can sleep.

 Grey started baseball and pitched AMAZING well his first game. He is a natural & really fun to watch play.

 Vanessa is walking! She loves babies, singing, dogs and playing with her siblings. She is such a fun little girl and gets lots of loves from everyone.
 We took Grey & Elise to see Wicked with us & Joanne. We have been playing and singing Wicked songs for years so that was really fun to share it with them. They loved it!

 Spent some time at our "Colorado beach" at the reservoir. I think we were there for 6 hours and they all still complained when I begged them to go home. They can dig and play in the mud forever.

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