More fun with Aunt P

I just love when my sister comes to town. And its even better now with sweet Allie. She was born a week after Cole and they are so cute together. She & Elise had a little slumber party the first night and it was probably the cutest thing ever.

We lucked out with gorgeous weather, so we spent a lot of time outside. We walked to the park by our house one of the days and had a tough time leaving.
 The baby bumps. I love being pregnant with her again!
 Three of the cousins (Cole, Allie & Elise)

We also spent a day at the  Children's Museum with my mom & step-dad. We were going to take Grey out of school to go but he ended up having class pictures. I was probably more sad than he was.
 Cole was less than thrilled after my mom dressed him up as a fox. He wouldn't even look at me. He was protesting.
 Two of my favorite people in the big bubble
 Elise & Grandpa building something
 My kids were BEAT after they left town. We had been up late and shortening naps which wore them out. Grey's teacher called me on Tuesday asking if everything was okay because he had fallen asleep in class! Then Cole came up to me right after lunch (before normal nap time) telling me he was ready for bed. That does not happen. He got in bed and passed out for three hours. I think we are getting back to our normal schedule again--well until everything changes with a new baby.

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