The never-ending pile

Today was laundry day for clothes.


For the second time in the past week.

This is probably nothing for you seasoned mothers out there. I cannot keep up on clothes AND towels AND bedding AND everything else... What are your secrets to clean, ironed, put-away, happy clothes? No seriously, I need help!

My helper-just because she was being so cute. And yes, she is in Halloween PJ's for the second day in a row.


Angela Henderson said...

Oh my, what? Well I will have to say Aaron does all of his own laundry, by his choice. And I still have a ton between the kids and I but it helps that he does his own.

Tara said...

Elise looks so adorable in these pics...seriously, what a cutie! And ya, good luck with that laundry...it only gets worse!

The Simpson life said...

First of all buy wrinkle free and don't iron. Second, a super capacity front-loading washer and dryer help. Its amazing how much you can actually shove into one of those!:)
Good luck. I feel your pain. If I lived close I'd help you come and fold.

Tobi said...

I do at least one load of laundry almost everyday except Sunday. That way I'm not overwhelmed with gigantic piles of laundry that need attending. Also I never iron. Ever. If it's wrinkled it can go back into the dryer for ten minutes. I'm terrible like that.

Jayme said...

I also do one load of laundry of clothes a day. It got way too overwhelming to save it all for one day and I felt like I spent at least one day a week only doing laundry. Plus now that there are 4 of us, there is always enough to at least do one load in the morning.

It has seriously made my laundry dilemma SO much better. Then at some point during the week I usually just throw the sheets and towels in when I have time.

Nataluscious said...

First off, why are you ironing?? :) Second, here's what I do and I manage it (mostly) ok. I only do laundry one day a week. When the kids were younger and I was using Dreft, I washed their laundry together and then did B and I's together. Now I just do four piles - dark color, light color, whites and warms (underwear, pj's B's work shirts, etc). I also have to do sheets and towels of course. So that makes about 6-8 loads in that one day (Keeg's gets his own laundry pile because I wash his clothes in dye-free detergent). Sometimes this process bleeds into the next day (particularly with the folding) but if I'm diligent I can get it done in one day. (And I only do sheets every other week, btw). And I fold the laundry while I watch a favorite show or talk on the phone to make it less painful.

I know others swear by a load a day, but I need to feel like I got something finished. Otherwise laundry would make me c-r-a-z-y. The other idea of course, is to buy a lot of clothes and throw them out when you're done ;).

Charitons said...

Buy a wrinkle spray so clothes look ironed. I have one I really like that I can get for you if you want.