Potty Training Diaries: Month 5

We are now moving into MONTH FIVE of potty training. Remember this? After I got burned out on cleaning up messes, I gave up for a while... Then we had vacations and many more excuses not to start up again. We have continued on and I am proud to say I have found the secret to potty training. Forget the books and expert opinions...

This is the face of success!

Are you ready for the secret?

Get pregnant.

Remind your child to go every time you have to go.

It is the perfect plan! So far it is working...

(oh--stickers and jelly beans help too)


Jason and Heather said...

I am so happy there are new G pics! I missed his sweet smile. I also like your secret to success! Someday I will try it out...I MISS YOU!

Tobi said...

He's so cute on his little potty seat.

I'm glad that you took a break and then decided to give it another go. It's what the so called "experts" suggest when potty training isn't going so well.

carrie said...

this picture kills me - so cute!