Rainforests & Waterfalls

Our favorite day of the whole trip:

We spent the morning hiking through the rainforest

and ending up at a gorgeous waterfall with a large pool below

Stripping down to our suits and jumping in

Then back to our quiet beach for some
swimming and bodysurfing
(the waves really were bigger than they look here)


We will definitely have to do a babymoon #3.


emily said...

oi... eu queria saber , como muda o tema do blogger!? obrigado...

Tobi said...

Beautiful pictures. Loving your pregnant belly. You look great. Thanks for posting pictures.

carrie said...

dangit! the rain forrest looks AMAZING! I love swimming in little pools like that!

Mandi said...

Looks AMAZING! I don't blame you for missing it! Glad you had fun, and happy belated birthday!

JO said...

I just finally got authorized to be able to look at the blogs again. I don't know what happened!! Great pictures, and great blog!! Greyden could not be more adorable. Actually you and Jared are pretty adorable, too!!
Love ya, MOM W.